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Q - An all-grey gull is squawking and walking around the ground and won’t fly away, is it ok?

Gulls often nest on the flat roofs of commercial and apartment buildings. This causes problems when the young fledge because adult gulls deliberately stop feeding their young before they can fly in order to encourage them to jump down out of the nest and forage for themselves. So when they hop down from a building and land on the street or in a parking lot (usually all grey by this time), they risk landing in an unsafe location unable to fly yet. In most cases they will be encouraged to fly off with their parents shortly after. Only if they are stuck in an area without sufficient food resources for more than a day (do not attempt to feed yourself), ideally the fledgling could be carried to a beach/park in an open box so the parents can hear the baby and follow. The fledgling can be released allowing it to forage on its own and the parents can continue to protect it. If this is not possible, contact your local rehabilitator for further guidance.


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