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Q - Can I donate food to my local BC SPCA branch?

Yes. Hill’s® Science Diet® is the official supplier of food to all BC SPCA branches, generously providing dry food for all dogs and cats in our care.

Wet food and treat donations - Wet food donations are greatly appreciated to feed animals in our shelters who cannot eat dry food or to be provided as a special treat. It is preferred that if you are donating wet food or treats, that it be Hill’s® Science Diet® to ensure the animals in our care continue to receive a consistent healthy diet; however other wet food or treats are appreciated.

Dry food donations - If you have other brands of dry dog or cat food it can be donated to Charlie’s Food Bank, a food bank supported by the BC SCPA to help marginalized people on the Downtown Eastside care for their animals. Please bring these food donations directly to the Vancouver SPCA at 1205 East 7th Avenue.

Food for other animals in our care including rabbits, hamsters, horses, etc… is greatly appreciated.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact your local BC SPCA branch directly, they may have a wish list of needed food items.


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