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Q - Crows are dive-bombing me – help!

Ahh, yes, the annual summer phenomenon of dive-bombing! It is normal for adult crows to dive-bomb people that are near their young. The problem is that their babies – which are almost the size of the adults by the time they come out of the nest – need to build up their flight muscles enough to fly (takes up to a week). Other ways to identify a fledgling crow is its blue eyes, reddish pink mouth and short tail. The babies will sit on the ground, calling to their parents overhead, who are very protective! It may appear that the crow on the ground is in distress but if there is no sign of blood or trauma, and the crow is not directly in harm's way (on a road, parking lot sidewalk), please leave the crow and warn others that fledgling crows are present. Avoid this area, but if you have to pass, take an umbrella! The parents are just trying to keep their young safe and see you as a potential predator – not to worry as this is only temporary and the parents will leave you alone as soon as their baby can fly off with them!


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