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Q - Does the BC SPCA serve meat at its events?

The BC SPCA is an animal welfare organization, as opposed to an animal rights organization, therefore the policies of the organization reflect a scientific approach to animal issues. Many of our staff, volunteers and supporters do choose to be vegetarian or vegan, but as an animal welfare organization we acknowledge that people in our world do eat animals for food. Our goal is to ensure that animals who are raised for food are treated as humanely as possible throughout their lives and are provided with the Five Freedoms outlined in our mission statement. To this end, the BC SPCA is a Canadian leader in promoting high standards of welfare for farm animals through its SPCA Certified Program and through extensive work at the local and national level improving the standards of welfare of farm animals.

With respect to events, the BC SPCA has a policy that outlines that vegetarian (and where possible, vegan) options must be provided at all SPCA events and approved third party events. The policy also stipulates that when animal products are served, they should be from farms that strive to provide the Five Freedoms, such as SPCA Certified or Certified Organic farms. As SPCA Certified and Certified Organic products become more readily available throughout the province, it will become easier for us to require that all BC SPCA events choosing to serve animal products serve only these ones.

The BC SPCA works regularly in partnership with animal protection groups from across the spectrum and there is a mutual respect among the organizations with whom we work. Where we can agree on mutual goals we work together, and on other issues we respectfully 'agree to disagree' but still support one another's efforts without imposing our philosophies on one another.

At all times, we work with a shared passion for the benefit of the animals that we all love.


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