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Q - How does the BC SPCA help horses?

The majority of horses that are seized or surrendered to the BC SPCA are in poor condition.  Sadly, in many cases the animals have been left to starve and have not been treated for health issues.

The BC SPCA has the extremely difficult challenge of finding shelter for these horses. The BC SPCA Cruelty Investigations Department has renovated a former chicken broiler barn in Cloverdale and opened the facility in March 2015 to accommodate horses and other farm animals removed as a result of cruelty investigations. A second horse facility is under construction in Kelowna and due to open in August of 2015, a third farm animal facility is being planned for Nanaimo.

We rely heavily donations from supporters to provide foster homes and boarding facilities for any additional horses in our care. Other expenses include food, veterinary and farrier care during rehabiliation and recovery from injuries or illness.

For more information on how the BC SPCA is helping horses in distress, view our online cruelty investigations archive.


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