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Q - How is a ban on owning animals enforced?

A ban on owning animals is one of the most effective tools we have on ensuring that animals are kept free from distress and individuals convicted of animal cruelty do not have access to animals. Without the ban on owning animals, it is entirely possible for someone who has been convicted of animal cruelty and fined or given jail time even, to simply acquire more animals who could face similar cruel situations. Bans or limits on the number of animals is also extremely helpful in "hoarding" cases where only the court order is standing in the way of people acquiring more animals. The bans are enforced in part through the public and in part through constable monitoring. Given the media attention that often follows a persons conviction of animal cruelty and ban on owning animals, we often find that neighbours or people living in the same community as the former animal owner, will be more than happy to report to us should this person obtain new animals. Our constables also do random inspections when possible. 

For more information, read more about animal welfare legislation.


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