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Q - I have squirrels in my attic – how do I get them out?

The first thing to do is to find the point of entry that the squirrels use to access your attic. To make the attic unfavorable for squirrels turn on a light or put on a radio – the light and noise should bother them. Before blocking up the point of entry it is important to determine if there are any baby squirrels in the attic. If the mother finds the habitat unsuitable for a den she will move the babies one by one. If there are babies, leave the access point clear until all of them have been removed. Sometimes it is necessary to manually remove the babies and put them near the opening or put a wad of newspaper in the hole so that the mother can still get into the attic if absolutely necessary. If there are no babies in the attic, then a one-way door can be installed to allow the animals to exit the attic.

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