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Q - What is the Biscuit Fund for Medical Care?

The Biscuit Fund for Medical Care provides life-saving and important medical treatment for animals in our care.

Biscuit was a stray dog wandering the streets when he was repeatedly stabbed by an unknown person and left for dead. The small dog managed to pull himself into a nearby garage where he was found by a family and rushed to a veterinarian. Biscuit was transferred to the BCSPCA where he was nursed back to health in a safe, nurturing environment. Despite his ordeal, Biscuit harbours no grudges. He is friendly, gentle, and is thriving in the care of his new loving family. 

The Biscuit Fund, named in his honour, supports all medical care needed by the homeless and wild animals in our care.  This includes any surgeries in emergency situations such as being hit by a car or injured by other animals or people.  All animals in our care require medical treatments of some kind such as spaying and neutering, vaccinations or any other treatments required to prepare these animals for adoption and a healthy, happy life. 


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