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Q - What is the SPCA Certified program?

The SPCA Certified program (SPCA Certified) is an independent, third party animal welfare certification system. SPCA Certified brings stakeholders together to further common goals in farm animal welfare across Canada.

Since the SPCA Certified program's launch in 2002, millions of farm animals have been raised on SPCA Certified farms in B.C., Alberta and Ontario. SPCA Certified standards are cited by animal welfare researchers, and used as a guide and reference in the development of Canada's national organic standards, national farm animal Codes of Practice, and national animal care assurance programs. With more than 100 years of Canadian experience in animal welfare issues and more than 1 million supporters across Canada, the SPCA brand enjoys high brand trust with the Canadian public and national brand name recognition.

Products come from farms which are annually assessed to SPCA Certified farm animal welfare standards and operation policies by trained, independent inspectors. Certification is determined by third party, independent review panellists.

Third-party certified farmers build their market share by branding their food products with the red barn logo and communicating their innovative practices to the public.


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