Our mission: To protect and enhance the quality of life for domestic, farm and wild animals in B.C.


Pets can't tell us where they live. It is up to you to provide your pet with identification.

Nobody plans to lose a pet and it can be a traumatic experience. Many animals (especially cats) have lengthy stays in shelters across British Columbia because they have no identification (ID). In fact, in 2014, as few as 14% of stray cats and 72% of stray dogs were able to be returned to their guardians because they had no form of ID. More importantly, approximately 95% of animals with visible identification are reunited with their guardians. Want to register your pet’s permanent ID? Visit today and register your pet with the only provincial permanent ID database, offered by the BC SPCA.


 A Simple Solution

All dogs and cats should have two forms of ID:

1. Ear tattoos or microchip implants: Permanent ID is crucial, as pets often slip their collars or aren't wearing them when they escape out the front door! Microchips are well worth the extra expense because they are permanent. The unique codes allow SPCA staff, animal control agencies or veterinarians to trace you pet back to you. Learn more about microchipping. With the launch of BC Pet Registry we strive to return companion animals home at rates never experienced before. Sign up your pet’s permanent ID today!

2. A visible ID tag: Inexpensive and allows easy identification for a neighbour or passerby to return a lost pet quickly. Include your pet's name and a phone number where someone can be reached 24 hours. Be sure to ID cats too, especially those kept indoors; they especially need ID for when they accidentally escape.

Remember, if your pet has multiple forms of identification, strangers will be more likely to step in to aid your lost animal.


Keep your contact information up to date

If you move or change your contact number, don't forget to update your pet's ID tag and contact your local vet clinic with your new info if your pet has an ear tattoo or microchip. If your pet is registered in BC Pet Registry, login to update your contact information.


It is also important to have your dog or cat licensed - in many municipalities, it is the law and the license number will help you ensure a speedy reunion with your dog or cat if he gets lost. Check with your city/municipality for more information about licensing.


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