Our mission: To protect and enhance the quality of life for domestic, farm and wild animals in B.C.

Advocacy Initiatives

The BC SPCA actively advocates on behalf of the 2 million cats and dogs owned in British Columbia, as well as the countless other domesticated animals such as free-roaming cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and gerbils. Our initiatives involve pressing for evidence-based changes to provincial and municipal laws, increasing public awareness about companion animal welfare issues, and promoting individual actions that lead to improved animal welfare.

 Building Humane Communities: What is your vision for a humane community?

 Spay/Neuter: We want to see every companion animal in British Columbia have a guardian who provides them a warm, loving home. You can help!

 Pet Overpopulation: The biggest crisis facing companion animals in British Columbia. Learn more about what happens when cats are abandoned.

 Help Prevent Animal Abuse: What will you do to prevent animal abuse?

 Pet Identification: Does your pet have permanent ID? Learn more about how ID makes all the difference at the BC SPCA.

 Sale of Animals from Breeders: Some people breed for profit. Will you do your research before adding an animal to your home from a breeder?

 Pet-Friendly Housing: Making more pet-friendly housing available is easy with our toolkits!

 Sale of Animals in Pet Stores: Welfare matters at every stage of animal life.

 Alternatives to Buying Pets Online or in Pet Stores: Finding the right pet for your family.

 Tethered Dogs: How you can help get them off a chain for life.

 Feral and Abandoned Rabbits: Ask your municipality to ban the sale of intact bunnies.

 Dogs in Pick-up Trucks: You can put an end to this dangerous practice.

 Pesticides and Pets: Make sure your local stores sell pet-safe antifreeze!

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