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March 2017 – "You can help raise the roof for rabbits on farms"
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  • Farmed rabbits need your help – let’s raise the roof!
  • Let Canada know you want oversight at slaughter facilities
  • Welcome Sunninghill Farms & Sunninghill Holsteins!
  • Thinking of getting a pet pig?
  • Want to raise backyard laying hens?
  • What is the deal with grass-fed beef?
  • Farm collection: spring blowout sale!

December 2016 – "Give your voice to farm animals this holiday season"
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  • New farm animal transport regulations need your input
  • Take the time to help Bison farmed in Canada
  • Take our survey and help our holiday wishes come true!
  • Gobble with a conscience
  • Resolve to be kind
  • What makes a healthy egg?
  • Holiday heart

October 2016 – "Celebrate Farm Animal Month by taking action"
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  • Step up to improve farm animal transport laws
  • Call to action for Farm Animal Month
  • Join us in welcoming Mix Family Farms, now SPCA Certified!
  • Hen welfare and the power of food labels
  • Leave a legacy for farm animals
  • Painted River Farms

July 2016 – "Do you give a cluck about hens?"
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  • Millions of hens are counting on YOU
  • Should dairy cows have access to pasture?
  • Higher Standards for Chickens and Turkeys Raised for Meat
  • Join us in welcoming 4K Farms, now SPCA Certified!
  • No need to look to American-made programming
  • Leave a legacy for farm animals
  • Enjoy breakfast on the farm and learn about dairy cows!

March 2016 – "Great Moos for Dairy Cattle"
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  • Animal cruelty charges laid in Chilliwack dairy cattle abuse case
  • What does ‘certified organic’ mean for animal welfare?
  • Robots improve cow welfare at Little Qualicum Cheeseworks
  • New farm-themed BC SPCA merchandise! Support change: speak for udders!
  • Talking to your MP about making 2016 a good year for farm animal welfare
  • Food for thought: Egg Farmers of Canada announces industry-wide transition away from conventional housing
  • Food for thought: A more humane way to wean farm animals
  • Food for thought: What beef producers need to know about pain control and prevention

December 2015 – "So you want a pet pig?"
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  • So you want a pet pig?
  • Feed management for small farmers (tips from Dr. Ann Britton, Ministry of Ag)
  • On-farm biosecurity: Not just for large-scale farmers
  • Harley Farms to add poultry production to their SPCA certification
  • SPCA Certified: A year in review
  • Compare SPCA Certified Standards to the 2015 revised Canadian Organic Standards
  • Food for thought: 6 oddball facts about turkeys
  • Food for thought: A humane approach to farm animal antibiotics

October 2015 – "Are you a political animal?"
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  • Get on board for Farm Animal Month
  • Interview: The vegan turned farmer
  • Participate in the public comment period for chicken and turkey Code of Practice
  • SPCA Certified program on Animal's Voice Pawdcast
  • Putting animal welfare on the political agenda
  • Food for thought: Are cattle well treated during transport?
  • Food for thought: McDonald's switching to cage-free chickens for Egg McMuffins

June 2015 – "SPCA Certified launched in Ontario"
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  • Costco to carry SPCA Certified products
  • B.C. MLAs celebrate kindness to animals
  • SPCA Certified program launched in Ontario
  • Farm animal welfare gains ground at National Animal Welfare Conference
  • Food for thought: Walmart pushes for improved animal welfare
  • Food for thought: Changes on the way to organic regulations

March 2015 – "Make 2015 your kindest year"
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  • Government funding will help build BC SPCA farm animal care facilities
  • Make 2015 your kindest year with Million Acts of Kindness
  • Veal calves, bison and rabbits to benefit from new national Codes of Practice
  • Food for thought: Energy requirements for cattle
  • Food for thought: Balancing air quality and energy costs

December 2014 – "Fighting cruelty with kindness"
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  • SPCA Certified welcomes its first Ontario farm, plus more pigs and chickens in B.C.!
  • The BC SPCA takes action for dairy cattle and for farm animals in transit
  • Join the BC SPCA in fighting cruelty with a Million Acts of Kindness
  • Festive SPCA Certified holiday recipes and events
  • In the News: Avian Flu outbreak in B.C.
  • In the News: The history behind the holiday wishbone breaking tradition
  • In the News: Coca-Cola launches a high-end lactose-free milk

October 2014 – "Riding the winds of change"
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  • Riding the winds of change in Chetwynd
  • Speak up in support of stronger protection for dairy cattle
  • A SPCA Certified farmer’s beliefs on how farm animals are meant to live
  • Last chance to get SPCA Certified foods at your summer farmers’ market!

June 2014 – "Hog wild!"
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  • BC SPCA and BC Dairy Association speak out against cruelty on Chilliwack dairy farm
  • SPCA Certified goes hog wild!
  • Antibiotic uses in farming: Is there cause for concern?
  • Quit stallin’: New regulations will improve the lives of pigs
  • Kick off summer with SPCA Certified gear
  • SPCA Certified foods available at your local farmers’ market

March 2014 – "Piglets and horses and sheep, oh my!"
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  • New Code gives pigs freedom from pain and more room to move
  • Piglets get an education from Mom
  • Equine Hoof Health Management in Winter and Spring Seasons
  • Code for keeping sheep complete
  • SPCA Certified chicken served at Surrey Gala
  • Deadly virus spreads from US to Canadian pig industry
  • Lilydale facing charges for animal cruelty
  • SPCA Certified merchandise for sale in our online shop!

December 2013 – "The future of cage-free egg production in Canada"
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  • New video and fact sheets on horse health and welfare
  • The future of cage-free egg production in Canada
  • Are SPCA Certified farm animal welfare standards up to Code?
  • Canada's Road Map for farm animal welfare
  • Festive SPCA Certified holiday recipe ideas
  • New SPCA Certified farm and program announcements!

October 2013 – "Do you know the code?"
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  • Farm animal care standards for egg-laying chickens
  • New national Codes of Practice for the Care and Handling of Equines and Beef Cattle
  • Free talk about the new requirements for horse care in Canada for horse owners
  • Efficient and Novel Method for Sorting Cow-Calf Pairs
  • Build your new barn to SPCA Certified standards
  • The difference between “animal rights” and “animal welfare”

June 2013 – "These hooves were made for walkin' "
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  • New Canadian Pig Code of Practice released for public input
  • Changes to pig welfare standards in Canada including sow stall practices
  • Early detection and prevention of lameness in sows
  • New technology for humane euthanasia of piglets
  • We welcome Hazelsprings Organics Farm to the SPCA Certified program

March 2013 – "Making sense of humane food labelling claims"
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  • Making sense of humane labels
  • Canada’s Code of Practice for Beef Cattle
  • Easter recipe and meal ideas using SPCA Certified foods

December 2012 – "The holidays are here!"
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  • Holiday gift giving and stocking stuffer ideas
  • Morningstar Farm annual public Christmas event
  • Holiday recipe and meal ideas using SPCA Certified foods
  • New SPCA Certified farms and products
  • SPCA Certified year-end report
  • Holiday safety tips – hazards to pets
  • Update on Canada’s Equine Code of Practice

October 2012 – Farm Animal Month
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  • 8 ways you can help farm animals
  • A year in review:
    • Confinement housing of farm animals
    • Progress on revision of the Canadian Codes of Practice
    • Food labelling claims to be wary of
    • Meet the BC SPCA farm department staff
  • New SPCA Certified foods and where to buy
  • New training programs available to farmers

August 2012 – "Building a better 'neigh'bourhood"
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  • Using the 5 Freedoms to assess the welfare implications of equine housing systems
  • New horse welfare policies in Canada nosing ahead
  • New SPCA Certified egg producers
  • Horse talk

June 2012 – "Moo-ving to greener pastures"
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  • Calf in a box: Individual confinement housing used in veal production
  • Promoting discussion of “hot topics” in dairy cattle welfare
  • Putting research into practice to improve the welfare of beef cattle
  • New SPCA Certified farms
  • Fast facts about cattle

April 2012 – "A focus on the life of egg-laying hens"
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  • The future of battery cages for egg-laying hens
  • Results of Canada-wide discussions about battery cage housing
  • Raising backyard hens in urban areas
  • Cluck! The BC SPCA farm video about a hen’s life
  • Fast facts about hens and eggs
  • Results from University of Victoria SPCA Certified food day
  • New SPCA Certified foods

February 2012 – "Back to the future... of farming"
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  • Sow confinement: When will it become a thing of the past?
  • Can Omega-3 fatty acids improve piglet health?
  • Meet the BC SPCA Farm Animal Welfare Department staff
  • University of Victoria to host SPCA Certified food day
  • New SPCA Certified foods now available
  • Fun facts and trivia – test your knowledge of farm animals

November 2011 - "A focus on advancing farm animal care"
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  • Canadian Swine Health Board launches national biosecurity training program
  • Needle-free injection technology points to potential improvements to animal welfare
  • How to distinguish lame birds from sick birds
  • Order your SPCA Certified Holiday turkey
  • First ever reader poll - tell us what you think

September 2011 - "Celebrate Farm Animal Month"
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  • Development of a dairy cattle advisory tool
  • Surgical castration: A thing of the past?
  • Picking the good egg: Removing the confusion from food labels
  • New SPCA Certified products
  • New BC SPCA youth farm video - Cluck!
  • Update on Codes of Practice revisions

July 2011 - "Letting go of the family jewels... painlessly."
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  • Canadian Codes of Practice for Castration of Farm Animals
  • Effects of castration on mature bull behaviour and weight gain
  • Castration reports from Celista Springs and Vale Farms Grassroots
  • SPCA Certified Updates

May 2011 (View newsletter)

  • The debate on tougher penalties for improper animal transport: Government, industry and public perspectives
  • How is chicken and cattle welfare impacted by transport?
  • Caring for the animals after transport vehicle collisions
  • Do not transport these animals!
  • Official launch of SPCA Certified videos

March 2011 (View newsletter)

  • Farm Animal Welfare team welcomes new staff member
  • Lameness in Broiler Chickens: How To Assess Walking Ability Using Gait Scores by Karen Brickett
  • Upcoming farm animal welfare, care and handling events
  • Lewisville Pork Farm builds a group housing system for its gestating sows by Jim Gowans
  • Launch of the SPCA Certified promotional videos just around the corner!

November 2010 (View newsletter)

  • Made in Canada solutions to farm animal welfare
  • 5th International workshop on the assessment of animal welfare at the farm and group level
  • BC SPCA launches SPCA Certified sheep standards
  • Ladybug Manor (Aldergrove, B.C.) becomes SPCA Certified for turkey

August 2010 (View newsletter)

  • Milk producers’ Innovation Day focuses on animal welfare
  • Picky Eaters: ensuring dairy cows eat what is provided for them by Dr. Trevor DeVries
  • The use of local anaesthetics in routine castrations of older beef animals by Doug Fenton
  • Bradner Farms becomes SPCA Certified!

June 2010 (View newsletter)

  • Rest: the forgotten requirement by Dr. Ian Duncan
  • New factsheet for broiler and turkey growers
  • Poultry health plans: a practical tool
  • Meet the newest SPCA Certified farm

April 2010 (View newsletter)

  • Part 2: What happens when experts talk science in a pub?
  • The weaning two-step, by Joseph M. Stookey and Derek B. Haley
  • Certified Livestock Transport program travels west, by Donna Gilmore
  • SPCA Certified chicken now available at Armando's Finest Quality Meats
  • Meet the BC SPCA's farm team, by Craig Naherniak

February 2010 (View newsletter)

  • Part 1: What happens when experts talk science in a pub?
  • BC SPCA and UBC Partner on Lameness Factsheet
  • 'Farm Olympics' by Jerry Kitt of First Nature Farms
  • Pork and beef available year-round from Celista Springs Ranch

November 2009 (Download full .pdf)

  • SPCA Certified Program Launches its First-Ever Turkey Standards!
  • Highlights of the SPCA Certified Turkey Standards
  • Polderside Farms becomes SPCA Certified!
  • A Guide to Gait Scoring Turkeys

September 2009  (Download full .pdf)

  • Watching What Cows Eat: Feeding Behaviour and Illness, by Christy Goldhawk, MSc
  • Quick Facts for Farmers on Feeding Behaviour and Illness
  • Register today for the annual Scotiabank & BC SPCA Paws for a Cause... Walk for the Animals

July 2009 (Download full .pdf)

  • Want to know what makes dairy cows really happy?
  • Highlights of the National Codes of Practice for the Care and Handling of Dairy Cattle
  • Get SPCA Certified beef delivered right to your door from Vale Farms!

May 2009 (Download full .pdf)

  • Reducing the Risk of Feather Pecking, by Anne Macey
  • Where's the (SPCA Certified) Beef?
  • 650 Million Animals Need Our Help

March 2009 (Download full .pdf)

  • SPCA Certified Program Launches Updated Broiler Chicken Standard
  • Upcoming Event: Agriculture in the City
  • Little Qualicum Cheeseworks Launches Online Store

November 2008 (Download full .pdf)

  • Low-Stress Animal Handling
  • Do Chickens Have Feelings? by Prof. Ian Duncan
  • TK Ranch becomes SPCA Certified!

September 2008 (Download full .pdf)

  • Granby Organic Dairy and Beef Joins SPCA Certified Program!
  • Vale Farms Grassroots Beef Now Available Across B.C.!
  • Celebrate World Farm Animals Day
  • Upcoming Events

 July 2008 (Download full .pdf)

  • The Five Freedoms on Organic Farms
  • Providing an Assurance of Animal Welfare
  • Donate Now!

April 2008 (Download full .pdf)

  • Lameness in Broiler Chickens
  • Update on the BC SPCA's Farm Animal Transport Campaign
  • A Guide to Gait Scoring in Broiler Chickens

March 2008 (Download full .pdf)

  • Welfare Friendly Alternatives to Gestation Stalls by Bruce Cochrane
  • Animal Protection Laws in Canada
  • Upcoming Conference

December 2007 (Download full .pdf)

  • The Animal Welfare Movement in Canada: Who's Taking the Lead? by Shelagh MacDonald
  • International Welfare Expert Joins BC SPCA
  • Make 2008 an Ethical Year with Green Zebra Guide
  • Go Gourmet the Humane Way!

October 2007 (Download full .pdf)

  • The Animal Welfare Movement in Canada: Role and Future Direction by Shelagh MacDonald
  • Bark! Magazine Educates Kids about the Welfare of Dairy Cows
  • Canada's Government Lags Behind on Farm Animal Welfare

August 2007 (Download full .pdf)

  • CFIA Applauds New Certified Livestock Transporter Program by Bruce Cochrane
  • Vancouver City Council Votes Against Battery Cages

June 2007 (Download full .pdf)

  • Outside the Cage by Nicholas Read
  • Preventing Pain in Cattle
  • Help Protect Farm Animals
  • Volunteers Needed!

March 2007 (Download full .pdf)

  • Ranching Celista-Style
  • Happy Sows Break from Gestation Stalls
  • Farmers Markets Need More Farmers!


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