Our mission: To protect and enhance the quality of life for domestic, farm and wild animals in B.C.

Each farm that bears the SPCA Certified label is committed to high standards of farm animal welfare and supports the need for addressing key issues that face the agricultural industry today. Watch our video and meet our farmers or click on the links below to learn about a particular farm.


SPCA Certified Farms

Check out our interactive map (blue dots are retail locations & red pegs are farmer locations):

The farm list below is sorted alphabetically, first by province, then by city.

You can also view a list of retailers (e.g. grocers, farmers' markets, restaurants and caterers) who carry SPCA Certified products. 

Don't be fooled by claims that products meet our standards if the farm hasn't undergone our on-farm assessment! Without an assessment to ensure our standards are being met, anyone can claim they meet our standards. If you don't see our SPCA Certified red barn logo on the food product or the Certificate of Registration issued to the farm, don't believe it!

Our hard working farmers undergo a rigorous application and on-farm assessment process in order to become certified and they are dedicated to meeting our high standards for farm animal welfare. Reward farmers that have achieved SPCA certification by purchasing their certified products!

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