Our mission: To protect and enhance the quality of life for domestic, farm and wild animals in B.C.


Easterbrook Farms (formerly Rabbit River Farms) (Richmond, BC)

Richmond, B.C.

SPCA Certified since 2003. Currently certified animals include egg-laying chickens.

SPCA Certified is an innovative farm certification and food-labelling program dedicated to improving farm animal welfare standards in Canada.

About Easterbrook Farms (formerly Rabbit River Farms)

Rabbit River Farms was established in 1994 in the agricultural land reserve of Richmond.

It was the first farm in Western Canada to explore free-range egg production following the principles of organic farming. The organic standards developed on the farm were used by the Certified Organic Associations of B.C. (COABC) in the development of their first organic poultry standards.

As per SPCA Certified standards, nest boxes, vegetarian feed and provision for dust bathing is provided. This means that after laying their eggs, the hens are able to hop out of their nest boxes to freely roam the ground to do what chickens do - forage for food, dust bathe and move about as they desire.

Awarded the 2001 VanCity Ethics in Action Award for Business, Steve Easterbrook and his family are committed to the humane treatment of their poultry and improving the quality of life of all farm animals.

"There is a real need to strike a balance between animal welfare and our need for food," says Steve. "Our goal is to raise hens, and not only look at the economies of scale. This enables us to study our animals, allowing their behavioural needs to be fulfilled while still producing food in a sustainable manner."

Egg Suppliers

While Rabbit River Farms (now Easterbrook Farms) is the original farm supplying eggs to the Rabbit River brand, there are a number of other egg farms in the Fraser Valley also supplying the brand. Some of these farms are SPCA Certified, while others are not, so be sure to look for the SPCA Certified red barn logo on the Rabbit River Farms egg carton to ensure the eggs you buy are coming from a SPCA Certified farm. No logo means no certification.

Note: All organic eggs are from free-range chickens, but not all free-range chickens are certified organic.

Where to buy these eggs

Easterbrook Farms eggs can be bought fresh from the farm, but the farm also still supplies eggs to the Rabbit River Farms brand.

Rabbit River Farms brand eggs can be found in grocery stores like IGA; Save-On Foods; Real Canadian Superstore; Choices Markets; Famous Foods; Whole Foods Markets and many more throughout B.C. and across Canada!  Please visit our retailers and restaurants webpage, or the Rabbit River Farms website for a complete list.

Soap and skin care products manufacturer using Rabbit River Farms products: Lush Cosmetics (in malls and airports across Canada).

In the BC SPCA community 

Rabbit River Farms has been instrumental in assisting the BC SPCA in developing Cluck!, a school curriculum unit on egg-laying hens.

Rabbit River Farms was also featured in a story by a local food blogger. View her video here.

Contact Information (if available):

Address 18360 River Road
City/Province Richmond, B.C.

(778) 668 - 8848 



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