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Aideen (aka Lucy)

Adopted: April 7, 2016

Aideen was taken into care of the BC SPCA Burnaby Branch in early February 2016 after she was found as a stray. She was a special senior girl, adored by staff. She was transferred to Vancouver's Catfé where she would have lots of space and be spoiled rotten until her forever home arrived.

With her warm personality and little meows, she eventually found a perfect match in a Catfé visitor to take her home despite her hyperthyroid condition. Today, she shares a new life with two feline siblings, is healthier than ever and spends her days getting plenty of cuddles! Her guardian sent us this update on how Aideen is doing: 

I adopted Aideen (now named Lucy) for two reasons: she had been there for almost two months and they thought people were skipping her due to her age and needing thyroid meds, and because she bonded with me.

Within a few weeks of getting her, she went to Northwest Nuclear and got iodine treatment for her thyroid. She just had her six month recheck and it's all good! What a difference it must be for her to not have to take a pill every day. My next task involving her health was her teeth. They were bad; she had severe tooth resorption and needed extractions. I asked how long she'd had it for, they said months and that it's painful. Poor Lucy!

When she first came to the BC SPCA her charts said she weighed 4+ lbs. When I adopted her she was 6+. Today she is a healthy 8+ lbs and no longer skeletal.

Right from day one she has slept beside my arm. Occasionally she will sleep on top of me, but my other cat, Emma, claims that spot most of the time, however, she's started something just last week - she knows when I'm getting ready for bed, so she jumps on my pillow. I used to shoo her off when I laid down, but one day I didn't bother, and guess what, she lets me lay my head on her, like a pillow. So now I get lulled to sleep with purring in my ear. Life is great when a house is filled with kitty love! 

Her only fault?  Drinking from the toilet....mommy keeps forgetting to put the seat down....

So now I have three cats. I want more. I'm really grateful that you guys let the Catfé do its thing. All my next future kitties will come from there.

We are so glad that Lucy has found a forever home that is so loving and comfortable. It sounds like you two truly have a special bond! Thank you for seeing the beauty in senior girl Lucy, and for being so devoted with her care. And of course, a big thank you for making adoption your first choice!

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