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Devon (aka Lucky)

Adopted: January 6, 2013

Devon is a handsome cat that was rescued by the BC SPCA Chilliwack Branch in November, 2012 when he was just two years old. Devon had been abandoned by his guardian and was discovered by a neighbour who contacted the BC SPCA.

Through the Drive for Lives program, Devon was transferred from the BC SPCA Chilliwack Branch to the BC SPCA Burnaby Branch to give him a better chance at finding a new forever home. Devon wasn’t at the BC SPCA Burnaby Branch long before he was discovered by his new guardians and adopted.

It’s now been nearly four years since Devon (now called Lucky) was brought to his new forever home. His guardians have shared this update with us:  

We adopted a beautiful and big boned two-year-old tuxedo cat one winter's night three years ago. Nothing in our family has ever been the same since Lucky (previously known as Devon) came to stay with us.

Lucky started out as a shy and aggressive guy. He didn't let us touch his paws, his belly, carry him, groom him, or pet him for too long. He hid under the bed all day, and when he wasn't hiding, he was not afraid of showing his displeasure at being touched. Blood was drawn almost everyday and we were even beginning to wonder if this was the right cat for us.

However, as the days and months went on, Lucky's personality began to shine through. We delighted at the rare occasions when he would reveal his gorgeous belly fluff in mid-sleep, and when he would scratch at the bottom of the stairs to greet us when we came home.

We also found out that he loved food like nothing else. Food of any brand, any size, shape, or colour he would gobble up. When he started to tap us with his paws for food, we took this to our advantage and taught him many tricks! He knew how to high five, sit, shake, stand, roll over, jump up, lie down, guess which hand his food is in, and even play dead.

Although in true cat fashion, he would do his tricks only when he wanted food and not at any other time. We even started an Instagram account for him and made over 1000 furry friends.

Just a week ago, we brought Lucky to the vet because he had blood in his urine. He was diagnosed with bladder stones and had surgery and we were so relieved to bring him back home after two nights without him.

However, when we noticed him struggling to breathe the next day, we brought him to the hospital where we were told he had a heart condition that was made worse by the anaesthetic given to him during surgery, and that he was having a heart failure.

That night, on October 14, 2016, Lucky was put down after only five years on Earth and three years with us.  

We were devastated. Lucky meant the world to us. But I know that it's better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all. And I loved him so much.

I miss him so much. I miss the way he'd cock his head before doing his tricks, the way he'd wait for me to fall asleep before jumping into my bed so that I wouldn't bother him. I miss when he used to curl up against my legs when I was falling asleep and having to not move a muscle in case he decided to jump off. I miss when he would stay downstairs with me during those late night and early morning homework sessions and come upstairs only when I did. I miss the mornings when he would grunt and run down the stairs, making sure to look back to check if we were following him to his food bowl. I miss the way he zig-zagged down the stairs and all those times we thought we were really going to either fall down the stairs or accidentally step on him.

Lucky was not a cuddly, affectionate cat but he liked company. He didn't necessarily like us touching him all the time, but he still liked to always be near us wherever we went. He even eventually tolerated all the kisses and hugs and belly rubs we gave him, and never gave us a single scratch anymore towards the end, despite his annoyance towards us sometimes. We didn't know it when we adopted him, but Lucky was the absolute perfect cat for our family.

Despite the rough beginning, Lucky truly brought us so much joy in these short three years we had him. We will never forget him for as long as we live.

I'm so grateful to the BC SPCA for taking him in when he wasn't wanted. I'm so grateful for the happiness he brought to our lives.

Lucky serves as a reminder that even adult cats with difficult personalities can change for the better. All it takes is patience and love. A lot of love.

We are so sad and sorry to hear that Lucky has passed away. It is never easy to lose a family cat, but it is always harder when they are so young and taken before their time. Lucky really was the luckiest cat to have been loved so much by your family. Thank you for making adoption your first choice and giving Lucky a chance to live the family-cat life he deserved.

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