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Beau-tie has been with the BC SPCA for three weeks. When he first arrived, he was in rough shape – severely matted and in distress, requiring immediate veterinary care. Since then, this seven-year-old, cream flame point Persian has been neutered and microchipped, and had dental cleaning.

His life on the streets has left him a bit aloof, but he has never shown any aggression. This gentle boy is looking for a guardian willing to slowly build a relationship with him: Beau has been showing daily improvement at the SPCA. Delicious food is a fantastic motivator for him to build positive associations with people, as he is very food-motivated.

In a previous home, he had some accidents outside his litterbox, but we’re unsure if this is due to another cat being in the home (not that he was aggressive to the cat), or because of street habits. A pet-free home with a patient guardian would set him up for success as he re-learns how to live in a home.

He can start with one room, as he understands where his litterbox is, and then branch on from there. And as he was recently neutered, more testosterone leaving his body will help.

Beau-tie has a wonderful meow when he begs for food he loves. Although he doesn’t approach new people, he loves to be held.

If you’re patient and looking for a fluffy cuddlebug, please contact the BC SPCA Burnaby Branch at (604) 291-7201 or . To view more adoptable animals, please visit the BC SPCA Pet Search site.

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