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Meet Daisy.

This girl has a big personality and she can't wait to meet you! A Pit Bull Terrier, she came to the BC SPCA Burnaby Branch on May 31, 2015 as an abandoned pet. She's strong, healthy, energetic and playful, and you'll find it hard to believe she's 10-years-old. Full of goofiness and ready to hang out whenever you are, she enjoys long walks and is an avid soccer spectator who would do anything to play goalie. She loves running around the dog park enclosure, particularly when a human is game to play.

Currently in foster care, Daisy has adapted to loft living in a dog-friendly building where barking is not an issue, and only gets vocal when there's a knock on the door or she senses folks are having a good time at the elevator nearby without her. An ideal home would be one with an enclosed backyard or near parks. Her prey drive is keen, so a house without other small pets (rodents, rabbits, cats) would be best and she should be the only dog. Daisy has shown she has a soft spot for puppies, seems interested in meeting some dogs and can walk politely on leash with others; however, socializing has been kept to a minimum in foster care, as she can be reactive to the moods of others.

A senior, Daisy comes with her own routines. She knows what she wants and when she wants it, and wastes no time in training you. Because she came to the BC SPCA as an abandoned pet, separation anxiety has been an issue. She has been working on this in foster care and can now do well on her own for five to six hours at a time, greeting you like a long lost friend when you return.

In a new home, Daisy might be a bit anxious at first and will need a Guardian who is patient and understanding, however, she's quick to warm up and show you that she would rather hang out with her human than not and would do well in a home where she wasn't left on her own too much.

If Daisy sounds like the companion for you, please contact the BC SPCA Burnaby Branch at (604) 291-7201 or

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