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Sitka, a German Shepherd and Husky cross near the age of six, arrived at the Comox Valley & District Branch of the BC SPCA on August 2, 2014 from the Northern part of Vancouver Island.

For many years, Sitka lived with an owner who didn't have the physical strength or stamina to provide him with the exercise and stimulation that he needed. Because of this, he spent many hours tethered in the yard.

Since his arrival, Sitka has settled in well; he is learning basic obedience as well as leash manners. He would do best in a home that does not have children as he is uncomfortable around them and can become nervous.

Sitka displays a prey drive. He is interested in all the deer that live in the Comox area, but with continued training, he will be a gentleman in no time.

With a consistent routine, and lots of food motivation, Sitka has learned to fetch a ball and return with it. While he may not be the fastest fetcher in the land, he lopes after the ball and is dedicated to finding it as he knows there's a tasty treat waiting for him on the other end. He also responds very well to his name.

If Sitka sounds like a welcome new addition to your home, please contact the BC SPCA Comox Valley & District Branch at (250) 339-7722 or

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