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Pansy (aka Penny)

Adopted: August 4, 2016

Pansy is a 10-year-old cat who was found mysteriously abandoned and was rescued by the
BC SPCA Cowichan & District Branch in July, 2016. After a waiting period to see if Pansy’s previous guardians would come to the branch to claim her, Pansy was officially declared a stray and was placed up for adoption.

Within a month of arriving at the branch, Pansy was discovered by her new guardian and was adopted soon after. Pansy is now known as Penny and has had just over five months to settle into her new environment. Penny’s guardian has sent us this update to share with everyone:

Pansy was adopted from the BC SPCA Cowichan & District Branch on August 4, 2016.

I searched for a few months previous to meeting Pansy for a special cat to replace my last beloved BC SPCA kitty who brought me 15 years of joy.

Pansy was renamed Penny after Penny Olesiak, the Canadian Olympic swimmer. Penny and I achieved an almost instant bond at the
BC SPCA Cowichan & District Branch.

After having a cat for 15 years and reading a lot about cat behaviour, I thought that I was somewhat knowledgeable about them. But Penny has educated me in many delightful ways.

It would be wonderful if she could tell me her ten year life story. She has so many contradictions. For instance, unlike my first cat, Penny is VERY sociable and fearless. She needs no time to adjust to someone visiting and hops right up on their laps to be petted. It was a big surprise to see that she was totally mystified and captivated by the washing machine! And she seemed puzzled by cameras but has had lots of experience getting photographed now.

Everyone comments on how beautiful she is, but it is her loving nature that makes her so special. It’s a bonus that she loves to have her silky fur brushed and play with tap water in the bath.

Because she was found abandoned outdoors, my biggest concern was that she would be unhappy as an indoor cat. I needn’t have been worried: she knows that she lucked out because she shows no interest whatever in going outside and rarely even looks out the windows. She has a great sense of fun and is happy interacting with me or playing with her cat toys herself. She is the world’s best cuddle cat.

Friends have commented upon the joy she has restored to my life and I couldn’t agree more.

I want to thank the BC SPCA Cowichan & District Branch for the special care they gave Penny, and Sylvia in particular for the tips she provided during the adoption process. Every hint was useful.

We're so happy that you and Penny found eachother and have been such a great support to one another already. Thank you so much for making adoption your first choice and giving Penny the second chance she so deserved and needed.

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