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Adopted: November 26, 2016

Avery was two years old when she arrived to the BC SPCA Kamloops Branch in December 2015. She was surrendered by a humane officer, who found and removed her from a hoarding situation, where she was not very well socialized to people.

Avery spent several months in foster homes to improve her socialization and learn what it meant to be loved. She eventually began to thrive, gaining more trust in humans and showing off more of her playful, goofy side. From there, all she needed was to find that perfect match.

Avery’s journey to her new home was quite the wait – about 320 days! She was adopted on November 26, 2016, and from the sound of this update from her guardians, the wait was well worth it:

 We didn't mean to get a cat quite when we did. We were planning for spring 2017, when a few things in life had settled down. So we started to browse the SPCA website, just to get an idea of who was there. Avery caught our eye from the first, but we weren’t ready, so we moved on. But every time we checked the site, she was still there and we pulled up her profile and cooed over her photos. Then she suddenly appeared as the featured animal of the week on the Pet On The Net and we got really worried that someone else might actually adopt her. So on a cold weekend in November we found ourselves in a hire car headed from Vancouver over the Coquihalla highway to pick up Avery from the Kamloops SPCA!

We knew Avery had had a rough start in life and that, despite some excellent foster care, she might still be shy and wary of coming to a new home with strangers. So we adjusted ourselves to the idea that we might have a cat we didn’t see much of for a good few weeks. That lasted about 3 days! 

In the month she has been with us, Avery went from hiding under her blanket to being a chatterbox who races us round the house, chases her ping pong balls most waking moments and loves to loll against us on the sofa for a warm doze when we watch TV. Whenever we go upstairs, Avery has to be the first one up, no matter what, and shoots up the stairs like a rocket to greet us at the top.

In our original application we wrote, 'we believe Avery is the perfect cat for us and we can offer Avery the perfect home’. We have been delighted to find that this is true for us and are pretty besotted with her.

Our experience adopting from the BC SPCA has been absolutely fantastic and well worth the ‘risk’ considering Avery's background that might have made anybody a little wary of taking her on. She has brought so much amusement and affection into our lives and made us a very happy little family.

Sounds like it was meant to be! We’re so thrilled that Avery found such a great forever home. It’s fantastic to hear about all the happiness you've brought to Avery, and all the love and fun she’s given right back. A big thank you for seeing the all the beauty in Avery, and for making adoption your first choice.



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