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Have you been looking for a big, handsome, friendly rabbit to add to your family? Harvey could be your guy! Harvey came into the care of the Kamloops & District BC SPCA Branch back on June 14, 2016 when he was found abandoned in a rental unit with a dwarf rabbit companion. No owner ever came to claim Harvey who is a white and chocolate coloured Californian breed rabbit and a big boy. He is approximately two to three-years-old and has been neutered since coming into SPCA care.

Harvey now sports a tattoo and microchip so he'll never have to worry about losing his family again. The other rabbit that came in with Harvey has since been adopted. Harvey has now been waiting almost seven months for his own second chance for happiness. He's hoping he'll soon find that special family to make his own and end his wait.

When he came into the shelter, due to space issues, Harvey went into a foster home for the first couple months. In his foster home Harvey showed he is quite a nice rabbit and would make a great addition to a household. A guardian may want to work on his handling to get him more comfortable. He can initially be a bit shy or nervous but enjoys being petted and can be picked up and held fairly easily. He enjoys tossing his toys around in his run, chewing on his sticks, digging in his shavings, and stretching out for long naps.

Harvey looks so peaceful flopped over on his side stretched out. He has a tunnel that he loves to run through and needs to have lots of space to stretch his legs out. Harvey is used to being a house rabbit but in good weather is happy to spend time outside in the yard in a secure rabbit enclosure. It's important for Harvey to get lots of exercise to keep him from gaining too much weigh as Harvey's favourite times of the day are usually mealtimes. He loves his food. Harvey will rush to greet you when it's time for his daily veggies and pellet. He needs to have unlimited access to hay throughout the day. Harvey has done fairly well with litter box training and is very clean. 

In his foster home Harvey spent time with a variety of other animals and would likely do well in a home with other rabbit friendly critters for companionship. Slow introductions however are very important as even though he's neutered he may initially act a little amorous to new rabbit companions. Harvey has been back in the shelter for the last few months getting lots of attention from volunteers but he would be happiest if he could find a forever home. Sadly rabbits tend to be harder to adopt out and spend much longer periods of time in shelters waiting for homes. 

If Harvey sounds like the animal companion for you, please contact the BC SPCA Kamloops Branch at (250) 376-7722 or To view more adoptable animals, please visit the BC SPCA Pet Search site.

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