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Momma G   

ID: 405565 



Momma G is a pretty little cat who was brought into the care of the Kamloops & District BC SPCA on June 10, 2016. She is an approximately three to four years old - a short-haired female with beautiful colouring who has since been spayed while in care. She has been waiting awhile to find her new home and will need a special somebody.

Momma G was part of a feral colony in a Kamloops neighbourhood where, as an intact female, she had produced several litters over the years and constantly eluded efforts to catch her. This elusive lady however was finally trapped and just in time as she was pregnant with another litter of kittens. She was put into foster care where she gave birth to and raised her kittens, who have since all been adopted into loving homes. Being under-socialized to humans, Momma G has stayed in a foster home to learn what it’s like to be loved and after waiting more than nine months, she’s now ready to find her 'purr'-ever home with will a guardian or family who will help this jewel in the rough continue to grow into a more confident cat.

Momma G has come a long way from the feral, pregnant cat who arrived at the shelter. She learned to trust her foster family to help her care for her babies, but is still timid and shy, especially with men. She needs a quieter home, likely without children, and a human companion who understands the great strides she has made to become socialized. A confidant cat companion, male would probably be best, would also be a good way for Momma G to gain confidence in her new home. She certainly is used to being around other cats. Once Momma G understands that she can trust you (and a little cooked turkey bribe helps a lot), she will allow you to pet her and possibly, even play with a toy on a string. She has had her own bedroom while in foster, a little distanced from normal activity of a busy home, but has slowly started to come out and explore the house as a whole.  It will likely take some time for Momma G to warm up to her new human, but we sincerely hope we can find the perfect match for this sweet girl.

Once comfortable in her space Momma G does have a pretty playful side and really loves certain toys. She may not be a lap cat but with a patient and gentle guardian she will hopefully continue to make improvement. Momma G will certainly be a entertaining companion and seeing a shy, fearful animal blossom in the right environment can be so rewarding to a guardian.

If Momma G sounds like the cat companion for you, please contact the BC SPCA Kamloops Branch at (250) 376-7722 or To view more adoptable animals, please visit the BC SPCA Pet Search site.

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