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Mr. Woolley   

ID: 290269 



Mr. Woolley is going through a very rough patch in his already long life. Sadly his owner passed away and Mr. Woolley and no one was able to take him into their home to care for him.

As a result Mr. Woolley and his sibling came into the care of the BC SPCA Maple Ridge Branch in early February. As if life hadn’t changed enough for him, Mr. Woolley was soon dealt another tragic blow; his sibling that he had spent the last eight years of his life with soon passed away.

Mr. Woolley was terribly frightened of his surroundings once in the shelter and would barely eat in the beginning. Already not in the best shape himself he needed to be placed into another home environment immediately to help alleviate some of his stress.

Now in a foster home Mr. Woolley is doing much better and has begun to explore. Technically a senior, he would really appreciate being adopted into a home where life moves at a slow pace and where he can receive affection often.

Mr. Woolley would make a fantastic companion for anyone that would like a calm, quiet, and relaxed cat who loves to warm your lap. Already eight he is well-versed in how to use his litter box, when the best time to cuddle is, and how to look as cute as possible. Won’t you be his valentine?

If Mr. Woolley sounds like the companion for you, please contact the BC SPCA Maple Ridge Branch at (604) 463-9511 or To view more adoptable animals, please visit the BC SPCA Pet Search site.

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