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The Bratty Bunch

Here's the story, of a lovely ratty...

who was bringing up eleven lovely pups.

All of them had fur so soft, just like their mother...

some even covered in curls.

Darling baby Moe and the rest of his bunch were found abandoned at the gate of the BC SPCA Nanaimo & District Branch on July 20, 2015. They are now mature enough to be separated from Mama Wriggly and eager to fnd their forever homes. Rats are highly intelligent creatures who require plenty of care and attention, as well as vet care. In return, they are rewarding companions who will steal your heart (and your snacks if you aren't paying attention).

In their short time at the shelter, these soft little creatures have begun to show unique personalities. Some have demonstrated playfulness and curiosity and others are still quite shy. There is certain to be at least one with the looks and personality just right for you. 

If Moe or any of the Bratty Bunch sound like the companion for you, please contact the BC SPCA Nanaimo & District Branch at (250) 758-8444 or

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