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Adopted: December 27, 2011

Tanooki’s story began with the BC SPCA North Peace Branch on Dec. 17, 2011, when he was only a kitten. He was surrendered to the branch as part of an unplanned litter and needed a home with new guardians who had the means and time to raise and care for a kitten.

It took only ten days for Tanooki to find a guardian to adopt him. But an unexpected and unique problem with Tanooki’s health arose when he was brought home. Tanooki’s guardian wrote to us and explained how, despite facing an unlucky circumstance, Tanooki was still able to find happiness and his forever home:

I adopted a kitten from the North Peace SPCA almost five years ago and named him Tanooki. He very quickly wormed his way into my heart and when he started developing health issues, there was no question I would pay any and all vet bills that came my way to make him healthy again. 

Unfortunately, after nearly a year of vet bills and procedures and medications, he was only getting worse. I was faced with the choice of putting him down or sending him to my parents to see if he could get the care he needed in Victoria. 

He saw a cat specialist, an allergist, a histologist, a microbiologist, and several other “—ists” and even became a case study in vet school because his case was so severe. We eventually found out that the cause of his health issues was severe allergies. Poor little guy was allergic to almost everything. We did do allergy testing but allergy testing in cats is often not very accurate. We kept him on steroids and a few trial drugs to keep his symptoms from killing him and put him on several trial and error diets. He was allergic to beef, chicken, fish, pork, venison, bison, and rabbit. 

He is now on a very expensive kangaroo diet and has been drug-free for over three months.

Yesterday, for the first time in his life, he got a clean bill of health from the vet! He is spoiled rotten by my parents and I go back to visit when I can. His quality of life is great and he makes everyone who meets him fall in love with him. He loves to ride on shoulders and go for walks in the garden.
 Despite everything we went through to get him healthy, we are still beyond grateful that I got to adopt him.

That is amazing that you were able to find out what was ailing poor Tanooki. Thank you for sticking by him and making a huge difference in his life. We are thrilled that he was able to get the second chance he deserves at finding a loving forever family.

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