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Mr. Jones   

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Charming, handsome, mature... what’s there not to love?

Mr. Jones is an 11-year-old Rag Doll / Siamese cross who came to the BC SPCA Salt Spring Island Branch in late June, 2012. Unfortunately, Mr. Jones suffered a heartbreaking loss, after his elderly guardian of over 10 years passed away. The caregivers who looked after Mr. Jones’ guardian took him home for a couple months before deciding that they weren’t “cat people.”

On September 15, Mr. Jones was adopted however he was returned the next day as the new owner had health problems and decided it was too much for her to have a pet. Now back at the BC SPCA Salt Spring Branch, Mr. Jones awaits his forever home.

Though poor Mr. Jones has had a rough few months, he’s looking for a fresh start. He is a very lovable, affectionate cat who enjoys hanging out with people of all ages.

Understandably, a lot of people are struck by Jones’ blue eyes and beautiful coat; rest assured Mr. Jones is more than a handsome face.

Mr. Jones particularly likes to play with foil balls, batting them around like a game of volleyball. He loves belly rubs and he’s a real ham for attention.

Despite his good looks and charm, Mr. Jones is still often overlooked because of his age, even though felines can live up to 20 years of age or longer with the proper care. He has even been checked by veterinarians who say he’s quite healthy for a cat his age.

Mr. Jones wants to join a family who will love him for many years to come.

If Mr. Jones sounds like the cat companion for you, please contact the  BC SPCA Salt Spring Island Branch at (250) 537-2123 or To view more adoptable animals, please visit the BC SPCA Pet Search site.

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