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Cinder and Maxwell (aka Ashes)

Adopted: August 17, 2016

Cinder and Maxwell’s story began with the BC SPCA in an unusual way.

Cinder was six months old when he was abandoned at the front door of the BC SPCA South Okanagan/Similkameen Branch on Aug. 10, 2016. The young kitty was left in a blue recycling box that was covered with a piece of plywood and weighted down with a couple of cinder blocks. Maxwell was about one month old when he was left in a box on top of a car with his mom and brother a month earlier.

Though Cinder’s and Maxwell’s previous guardians must have been in a desperate situation, we always encourage our guardians to put our friends up for adoption by speaking to one of our staff first.

Maxwell was still very young and would be ready for a new home very soon after. But we were worried about how the ordeal would affect Cinder in particular. He was trapped in a tight space where he couldn’t see, was left alone, and must have been terribly confused and scared. But don’t worry, this is a Happy Ending story after all.

Despite the sad start to his journey, Cinder was not only safe but had high spirits. He loved to meow and follow people around. He loved all the attention he got from both staff and visitors. He was very affectionate and loved to snuggle close to others, which made him fast friends with everybody, including his new guardians who adopted him a week later on Aug. 17, 2016, along with Maxwell, now known as Ashes.

They sent us a little snapshot of how the two new brothers are doing:

As you can see, the two kitties I adopted have adjusted really well to their new home. They are buddies and Cinder will make sure that Ashes gets his regular bath. They really get along well together and we do enjoy each other’s company.

We’re glad that everyone is getting along great and that Cinder is helping to keep Ashes clean and fresh. It’s so nice that both cats had each other to making settling in even easier. We are also so happy to hear how well they've bonded with one another.

Thank you so much for giving Cinder and Ashes the forever home they were looking for and making adoption your first choice.



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