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Strathcona (aka Vivian)

Adopted: December 16, 2016

Strathcona was found wandering as a stray early in December, 2016 and was rescued by the
BC SPCA. After a thorough health examination and a hold period to see if Strathcona’s previous guardians might come claim her, Strathcona was placed up for adoption at the BC SPCA Vancouver Branch.

Strathcona was only up for adoption for a couple of days before she was discovered by her new guardian. Soon after, she was settling into her new forever home and making friends with her new family. All in time for Christmas.

Strathcona is now known as Vivian and she has spent nearly two months with her new family. Her guardians have sent us this update to share:

Petite, little Vivian had been hiding behind her box in the BC SPCA Vancouver Branch all day when I happened to say hello. She immediately came out and starting chatting. So we had a nice visit.  

Vivian purred while I petted her and scratched her belly. Even though she was called Strathcona, the BC SPCA staff said it was just a name that had been given to here because no one really knew what her name was.  

She was so sweet and cuddly, I knew she had to come home with me.  

Strathcona was a very heavy name for such a petite, sweet little kitty. So we named her Vivian, Vivi for short. She seems to like it.  

When Vivian arrived at our house, she was naturally timid. Within a day, she was happy to be picked up and cuddled. She talked the whole time.  

After a couple of days, she wanted to explore the whole house, trying to jump up on high shelves. I picked her up so she could look at everything from on high. She purred and kneaded my arm as I carried her about the house, letting her check out everything from above.  

At first, she didn’t like being left alone. She’d hide inside the sofa or under the bed covers. But, after three weeks, she didn’t do that anymore. Now she comes to the door when I come home, talking away.  

Originally, when new people came to visit, she’d run away. She growled and hid when she saw a person in dark clothing or if she heard a deep voice. Slowly she is becoming brave and now she comes out to say hello to guests.  

Vivian is incredibly curious and loves to play. She tears about the house after her toys. Chasing the laser pointer is one of her favourite things to do. Her antics make my son and I just laugh. She’s so much fun.

She’s very cuddly and comes when I call. She follows me around, chatting the whole time. We can have whole conversations while I make dinner.  

At night, she’s the first one in bed, purring away. With the cold weather, she likes to snuggle next to me so we can keep each other warm.  

We feel very lucky that little Ms. Vivian came home to us.  

It’s lovely to know that sweet little Vivian has landed on her feet and found a wonderful new forever home. Thank you for making adoption your first choice and for giving Vivian a second chance to live a happy life full of love.

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