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The big and handsome three-years-old Bootsy originally came into the care of the BC SPCA Kamloops & District Branch back in April of 2014. He was just a small kitten at that point and was soon adopted into a home. Unfortunately on Jan 27, 2017 Bootsy was surrendered back into SPCA care as his family was having a difficult time dealing with some aggressive tendencies that he had developed. Bootsy is now looking for his second chance at a loving forever home, a home that can love him as the big lap cat he can be but also appreciate and work with his very playful and feisty side. Bootsy has now been waiting more than 45 days at the shelter so staff transferred him to the BC SPCA Vancouver Branch to help his chances for adoption.

Bootsy was pretty nervous and fearful when he first came back to the shelter environment. Luckily he was able to be moved into a quieter cat condo style kennel which gave his big frame more space to stretch out and he was able to settle in more quickly. With more space and time to adjust he started to show his loving side and now he most often can be found cuddled up in a volunteers lap when they visit him. As soon as you sit down he wants to curl up for some cuddles.

As cuddly as he can be Bootsy has a very playful and curious side. He loves playing with all sorts of toys and leaping and climbing onto his scratching posts. He really gets excited over dangling toys but Bootsy's problem is he can easily get very overstimulated and get too worked up. This may result in petting aggression where he may try to grab or nip. It is important to watch his body language when playing and either take breaks or stop and leave him alone when he starts getting too excited. In his previous home Bootsy lived with kids but unfortunately there were incidents of him swiping at legs or nipping likely due to overstimulation. It would be best for him to be in a adult home without children so this can be avoided in the future.

In his previous home Bootsy was used to being the only animal. He has shown fearful behaviour towards dogs and in the past, when he was let outside, he has got into fights with other cats. Bootsy has shown some interest in other cats at the shelter with slow introductions but would likely do best being the only animal as he may get too excited and rough if he was playing. He was used to being able to go outside in his previous home so it may be nice for him to have a secure yard, balcony or catio that he could go out in. It may also be possible to get him used to a leash. Bootsy enjoys his treats but is a little plump around the middle so proper diet and exercise will be important. These boots are made for walkin'!

Overall Bootsy can be a very loving and affectionate cat who will certainly enjoy curling up on the couch with you as you read or watch TV. He will make a great addition to a home with a cat-savvy guardian who can enjoy both his sweet and spicy side. If Bootsy sounds like the cat companion for you, please contact the BC SPCA Vancouver Branch at (604) 879-7721 or

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