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Jesslynne (aka Jezzy)

Adopted: April 20, 2012

Jesslynne was found wandering the streets of Vernon one fall day, no owner or home in sight. She was picked up and brought to the BC SPCA Vernon & District Branch, but she had no identification to help find her home with.

She was held to see if anyone would come looking for her, but when no one did Jesslynne was made available for adoption. Everyone thought she would be adopted quickly; with her beautiful coat and colouring how could anyone resist.

With a pleasant and outgoing personality, Jesslynne made herself as irresistible as possible whenever people came in the room. A chatty girl by nature she was able to tell you all about her day while you groomed her long colourful locks.

It took many months, but sure enough Jesslynne soon found her perfect match. Now at her forever home her new family has written to let us know how well she has settled in.

After 20 years my poor kitty had passed away. I really enjoy the company of animals and love to help them. So, that's when I adopted Jezzy! She had been sitting in the SPCA for 6 months, the moment I seen her, I knew she was coming home with me!

What a beautiful ball of fur. She only took a few days to settle in, now Jezzy loves to roam around outside, lay in the sunshine, she sleeps at my feet every night, and she even comes when I call her. The bench outside is her favorite place to sit and watch the world around her.

One tooth is always sticking out, the vet said her jaw was most likely broken at one time and left to heal on its own (sad to think about), but it only makes her cuter! She is a gentle & quiet soul, that doesn't always need our attention, but loves when she gets it.

She has made our home her own, even making best friends with our puppy, Lexi. Jezzy is a huge part of the family now. She follows me everywhere around the house, up the stairs, down the stairs, even waits outside the door for me, she'll even jump up and try to help with the dishes, and she will happily greet anyone.

I couldn't imagine life without my little fluffy puff, and I'm almost entirely sure that she feels the same about me!

We’re so happy to see that Jezzy has made herself a new friend; she always was a social butterfly while in our care. Thank you to her new family for making adoption your first option and for bringing this lovely lady into your home.

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