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Adopted: August 7, 2012

Charlie was quite the dog when he came into the care of the BC SPCA Victoria Branch in July 2012. A sweet dog, Charlie was surrendered because there were too many dogs in the home and caring for them all was becoming a burden.

A Chesapeake Bay retriever cross, Charlie was adorable with a personality all his own. A lot of interest came in for Charlie and it didn’t take him long to find a home to call his own.

Barely a week after arriving at the Victoria branch Charlie was adopted and in his forever home. His new family let us know just how their time has been together.

We live on Bowen Island and the day after my birthday, July 31, 2012, our beautiful 24 years old Persian cat passed away. We got Ringo as a kitten and he lived his whole live with us. Tragically on October 19, 2006, we suffered a devastating fire that took our house and 4 year old Black Lab, Cole. 

Sadly August 2012 arrived and there were no more pets in the house.  We missed Ringo and the pets we had in the past. My daughter, who has a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever and lives in Tofino, started looking for a dog for us. ‘It will get you guys out’ she said. 

She found Charlie on the Victoria SPCA website. No picture, but when I called the shelter they said he had only been there a couple of days and no time for a pic yet. They raved about him. He was a young Chesapeake Cross which I wanted. 

The shelter said they were sorry but there was an adoption pending but could I please complete an application anyway. I did – they called me on the Friday before the long weekend August 3 and said the adoption did not pan out and did I want to see him – I sure did! 

Not wanting to travel on the long weekend from Bowen Island to Victoria I headed out on Tuesday August 7 on the 6:30 am ferry from Bowen. It was love at first sight! We proceeded up to Departure Bay to catch the ferry to Horseshoe Bay but as luck would have it, the day after a long weekend, terminal was quite congested. 

We waited – and waited – I was anxious with Charlie in the car – I didn’t know him well, what was he like with kids? How was he with other dogs? I finally had to take him out of the car for him to do his ‘thing’ and he was perfect! Thank goodness because our car had been put in the wrong lane and we missed two sailings!!

Thankfully they put us on the last ferry to Horseshoe Bay and we stayed in North Vancouver for the night. He is a handsome dog, smart and easily taught. He loves to swim and play – we are now learning what ‘retrieve’ means!

Thank you SPCA for matching me up with an awesome friend. He is my shadow and knows he is in a good home. He gets me and my husband out for walks and we have really enjoyed this last month with him.

It sounds like Charlie has really made himself a part of the family. Thank you to his family for taking the chance on having another animal in the home and for choosing to make adoption your first option.


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