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Puma (aka Oliver)

Adopted: March 20, 2016

Puma was surrendered into our care at the BC SPCA Williams Lake & District Branch when he was only a few months old. Soon after, Puma was transferred to the BC SPCA West Vancouver Branch through the Drive for Lives program to give him a better chance at finding a great new forever home.

Puma is a shy little guy so we knew he would need a calm home with the right loving guardians. Lucky Puma wasn’t at the BC SPCA West Vancouver Branch long before he was discovered and adopted.

Puma is now known as Oliver and has been in his new home for over 10 months. Oliver’s guardians have sent us an update to let us know how everyone has settled in together:

We have a beautiful black older cat named Theodore Bear (also known as Teddy Bear) that we adopted from the BC SPCA Vancouver Branch in January, 2015. We had been thinking about getting Teddy his own kitten, but were so uncertain about how he would accept another feline in the house. Teddy is really chill and we didn't know if that was a good thing for bringing in another cat, or if Teddy was only chill because he was the only cat.

I had seen Puma on the BC SPCA website a few times and he was like a little mini Teddy. We thought he was such a little cutie, but he was up at the BC SPCA Williams Lake & District Branch, so obviously a little far to go just to see him.

Then one day in March when I checked again, he was at the BC SPCA West Vancouver Branch! After a brief "Should we or shouldn't we?" conversation, we were in the car and heading over the bridge.

With a little trepidation about Teddy's reaction, we brought Puma (now Oliver or Ollie) home with us that Sunday. We segregated Ollie in our bedroom and kept Teddy on the other side of the closed door. Ollie was quite timid and hid under our bed for the most part.

The next day, we kept the door open but with a baby gate keeping the kitties apart. Teddy sat on his side of the gate with his face pressed up against it, waiting for the tiny black ball of fur to zip out from under the bed and back in again. Ollie spotted Teddy and watched him from his hiding spot.

There was no hissing, no growling, barely even a peep from Teddy, just an intense curiosity. So my husband scooped up Teddy and we took down the gate. Ollie very cautiously approached the doorway and looked around. No reaction from Teddy other than watching. So, we put Teddy down and held our breath. A couple of sniffs and then Teddy sat down beside his mini-me and looked at us as if to say "I think he's hungry. Can we have a snack now?"

We, Teddy's beloved humans, were chopped liver over the next week. He completely doted on his new brother. They were constantly together, morning noon and night. We were only good for meals and litter box scooping. Oliver was extremely timid around us but stuck close to Teddy. Teddy really helped him to feel safe and secure.

Despite using doing everything by the book, it took Ollie quite some time to be comfortable with us. He did a lot of running away or watching us from a distance. Or he would think we were ok for about 5 minutes and then a switch in his little brain would flip and he'd think we were something to be feared again. We called it Groundhog Day because it was so repetitive each day.

He hated to be picked up until fairly recently. But in his shyness, he never purposely scratched or hissed or showed any aggressive behaviour at all. He was just simply scared, which kind of broke our hearts. Ironically though, his favourite thing do from day one, and still is, is to roll over onto his back and have belly rubs.

With great patience, talking to him, scratching his ears, and holding him for just a few seconds at a time, Ollie has learned that we are not scary. He is now very cuddly and loves to be with us. He and Teddy have settled into a lovely routine where they are not together all the time, which we take as a good sign for Oliver's independence and sense of security.

They chase each other around the house at 5 am and still sleep together at night (in preparation for the 5 am chasing) and hang out with us on the couch during Netflix binging.

Oliver makes us constantly laugh as he is so cute and never just walks anywhere; he is always running or leaping or springing from the floor up to various high places. He makes the cutest little noises when he plays and scurries about. He and Teddy together are absolutely adorable and hilarious.

We are so happy we took the plunge and brought home a little brother for Theodore. Thank you, BC SPCA for all that you do for the animals of BC.

It’s great to hear that Oliver and Teddy are getting along so well and bringing such happy times to your home. Thank you so much for making adoption your first choice, not once, but twice by giving both Oliver and Teddy a second chance at a loving home.

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