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Introducing Moose, one of the most affectionate and energetic cats you will ever meet!

Moose is a beautiful black and white short hair cat, who always looks like he’s ready for a black tie event in his tuxedo.  He is almost two-years-old and is full of kitten-like energy.

Moose was adopted as a kitten by a family who loved him very much. Unfortunately, they were not able to keep Moose. As Moose grew he began to take out his pent up energy on the youngest members of the family, using them as play toys. The family decided to surrender Moose to the BC SPCA West Vancouver Branch so he could find a family with more time and space for an excitable and loving cat.

This dapper looking gentleman is full of rambunctious energy and can easily become overstimulated. Moose will probably do best in an adult only home, or one with cat experienced teens. Moose would also like to be in a home with lots of space where he can come and go as he pleases. Moose may be a great cat to go for walks with as he is comfortable wearing a harness and leash.

As soon as you come in the door Moose will be doing figure eights around your ankles, hoping for attention. Moose absolutely loves people and will be begging for you to love and play with him at all times. If you ever want a laugh, throw a bouncy ball for him to chase and watch him bounce around the room.

If Moose sounds like the companion for you, please contact the BC SPCA West Vancouver Branch at (604) 922-4622 or

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