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Victoria, B.C.
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Before you rescue, remember...

In general, we do not recommend that members of the public handle wild animals unless the animal is in critical distress and needs to get help quickly. The stress of capture by humans is a significant cause of death in wild animals. If you must handle a wild animal, protect yourself from teeth, claws, and talons. Feathers and bones are fragile, so handle wild animals firmly but gently!

It may be tempting to try to care for the injured or young wild bird or mammal yourself.

Before you do, please consider:

  • All wild animals are protected under provincial and/or federal laws. It is illegal to keep wildlife without an appropriate permit.

  • Many wild animals carry parasites and diseases that can be transferred to you or your pet.

  • Since possession of wild animals is illegal, your veterinarian cannot provide care for them.

  • Knowledge of proper diet, housing, and handling is essential to their well-being and survival.

  • Wild animals are unpredictable or potentially dangerous.

  • It is cruel to cage and make pets of wild animals that will eventually resent their confinement.

The best option for sick, injured, or orphaned wildlife is quick transfer to a licensed and experienced wildlife rehabilitator, who will be equipped to offer the animal the care they need.


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