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Victoria, B.C.
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(250) 478-9453 (WILD)

Transporting wildlife

Learn how to protect yourself and wild animals if transportation to a local rehabilitation centre is needed.

To make an injured animal as comfortable as possible during its transport:

  • Make sure that the box containing the animal is sturdy with a secure lid, with several small air holes for ventilation.
  • Place the animal's covered box securely on the seat or floor of your car - preferrably not beside the pet dog!

  • Keep the car warm and quiet (no radio, minimal talking) while you travel. Keep all windows rolled up for safety and warmth.

  • Do not let anyone, especially a child, hold the animal on his/her lap during the trip. It is very important to think first about what the injured animal needs and remember that contact with people is always stressful for wild animals.

Once the animal arrives at a rehabilitation center, it will be treated by experienced staff who will ensure that it receives the best care possible.

Do not try to remove the wild animal from the box yourself.


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