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Location and contact information
1020 Malloch Road
Victoria, B.C.
V9C 4G9
(250) 478-9453 (WILD)


Frequently Asked Questions

Wild ARC's FAQ section.

Advocacy and issues

There are many challenges wild and exotic animals face in captivity and in their natural environments - see what issues the BC SPCA is currently working on.

Wildlife feeding issues

Wildlife feeding can lead to more harm than good - find out the concerns about such activities.

Why we rehabilitate

We are often asked why we rehabilitate individual wild animals - here we consider some of the tough questions about wildlife rehabilitation.

Government regulations

Wildlife rehabilitation is regulated in B.C. as it is illegal to possess any wild animal in the province without a permit. Find out how Wild ARC works with government agencies within this emerging profession.


Rehabilitation involves more than just helping individual wild animals - Wild ARC participates in a variety of animal health and biological studies.

Careers in rehabilitation

Ever thought about becoming a wildlife rehabilitator? Learn about educational and experiential opportunities to get you on this path!

Teacher resources

Documents to download for educators wanting to share tips and information for living with wildlife, and how to support the BC SPCA Wild ARC


Check out other wildlife rehabilitation centres in B.C. and interesting wildlife links.


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