Our mission: To protect and enhance the quality of life for domestic, farm and wild animals in B.C.

Looking to host an animal-themed birthday party? The BC SPCA is here to help!


Birthday party activites

Download any of the animal-themed activities listed below to host your own BC SPCA-themed birthday party at home.

House of Hazards Worksheet
(Ages 7-12) 

These worksheets depict a house filled with hazards for pets. Tape the two sheets together to create the house and then challenge your guests to identify and colour as many hazards as possible.

Younger kids will also enjoy coloring the hazards or the rest of the sheet. Consult the answer key for a complete list of items included. 

BC SPCA Word Puzzles 
(Ages 7-12)

These various animal-themed word puzzles can be used as a party activity or a gift bag item.  

Animal Grab Bag
(Ages 7-10)

Purchase 10-20 sets of plastic animal figurines from a dollar store (pictures of various animals could also be used).

Distribute the figurines throughout the floor of a large room. Ask your guests to form two or three teams. Shout out an animal-themed category.

Examples include: animals found at the BC SPCA, animals that make good pets, animals that eat meat, farm animals, jungle animals or North American animals. Instruct the teams to grab as many animals as they can find that meet that category. The team that chooses the most correct figurines each round wins. (No download required).

Who am I?
 (Ages 9-12)

Hand out game cards to three to five guests. Challenge them to act like the person or animal listed on the card. The rest of the group must guess what they are. If the group is having trouble guessing, show them the hint sheet which lists 16 possible options.


Other birthday party ideas

Here are just a few other ideas for your party:

  • Have an animal-themed cake.

  • Watch an animal-themed movie, like Happy Feet, Over the Hedge, Garfield or Curious George.

  • Call your local BC SPCA Branch to see if you can arrange a tour of the shelter.

  • Check out our BC SPCA birthday resources like invitations and ideas to make this birthday even more special by collecting gifts for the animals.

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