Our mission: To protect and enhance the quality of life for domestic, farm and wild animals in B.C.

If there is one thing that is most important for children to realize, it is that they share a world with other beings who have needs that are similar but not identical to their own. This understanding helps to develop children's confidence, empathy and respect for others — both with animals and with classmates.

Teaching compassion and empathy is a focus of the social responsibility component of the B.C. Ministry of Education provincial curriculum. BC SPCA curriculum units, Kindness Counts: Empathy Unit, Companions for Life: Pet Care Responsibility, Cluck! The Life of an Egg-Laying Chicken, You Can Make a Difference, and Animal Welfare: A Key Component of Social Justice incorporate compassion and empathy for animals, people and the environment while also meeting Prescribed Learning Outcomes, in a variety of subjects, set by the Ministry of Education. Bite Free: Dog Bite Safety is a Ministry of Education-recommended resource for Health and Career Education for K-5. The BC SPCA School Club Manual provides plenty of ideas for animal welfare-related projects for students keen to learn even more and take action.

Request your free copy of the BC SPCA School Club Manual and/or a BC SPCA lesson plan (not including Bite Free which is available for purchase) or view BC SPCA brochures and handouts to use in your classroom.  


BC SPCA School Club Manual 

All ages

The BC SPCA School Club Manual is full of ideas for projects and events that students can do to raise awareness for animal welfare issues. More on BC SPCA School Club Manual...

Bite Free: Dog Bite Safety 

Kindergarten-Grade 5

Bite Free: Dog Bite Safety is step-by-step BC SPCA lesson plan for teaching children why dogs may bite and how to act safely around dogs, complete with activities, background articles on dog behaviour, display material, tips for making a presentation with a dog and a list of related resources. More on Bite Free: Dog Bite Safety...

Home on the Free Range Farm 

Grades 4-7

Home on the Free Range Farm is a BC SPCA unit that contains lessons for the classroom that focuses on introducing students to farming practices, encourages them to think critically about where their food comes from, and teaches young people respect for animals. More on Home on the Free Range Farm...

Kindness Counts: Empathy Unit 

Kindergarten-Grade 2

Kindness Counts, a BC SPCA lesson plan, focuses on empathy. A primary-level, curriculum-linked unit designed to teach students about caring and respect for others, animals and nature. More on Kindness Counts: Empathy Unit...

Pet Overpopulation: A Problem We Can 'Fix' 

Grades 3-7

This volume of four BC SPCA lessons in science, social studies, math and language arts focuses on cat overpopulation. Lessons are interactive and thought provoking, challenging students to come up with solutions to the community cat overpopulation problem. More on Pet Overpopulation: A Problem We Can 'Fix'...

So You Think You Want a Pet? 

Grades 3-5

So You Think You Want a Pet?, a BC SPCA lesson plan, focuses on pet care. It is an intermediate-level unit that focuses on responsibility and empathy. More on So You Think You Want a Pet?...

Social Justice: Including Animals in the Conversation 

Grades 7-12

Using animals as a bridge to discuss social justice issues can be a way to ease students into more sensitive and personal social justice issues such as racism and stereotyping. More on Social Justice: Including Animals in the Conversation...

You Can Make a Difference 

Grades 5-7

You Can Make a Difference is a BC SPCA lesson plan that includes seven projects students can do to take action for animal. Each project will satisfy several prescribed learning outcomes for language arts, social studies and/or visual arts. More on You Can Make a Difference...

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