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Cluck! - The life of an egg-laying chicken

Grades 4-7

Cluck! - The life of an egg-laying chicken is a BC SPCA unit that contains lessons for the classroom that focuses on introducing students to farming practices, encourages them to think critically about where their food comes from, and teaches young people respect for animals.

Our grandparents had a strong connection to the land and their food. Many grew their own food and tended their own animals. Today, our largely urban population has all but lost that connection with few having any first-hand knowledge of what happens on farms. Over the past several decades, mechanization has changed production standards for farm animals resulting in cheap food but often compromised farm animal conditions.

The BC SPCA is increasing awareness of farm animal welfare and its connection to sustainable farming by offering a classroom unit for teachers. The unit will introduce youth to chicken physiology, behaviours, and farming practices. The unit will go beyond lessons about animal welfare by ensuring young people understand the differences that can be made through informed consumer choices to help direct social change. 

Virtual farm tours for classrooms

We are expanding the awareness of farm animal welfare and its connection to sustainable farming by offering a DVD and complementary lessons for use in the classroom. The video is separated into chapters so that teachers can use the lessons in the unit to get more in-depth and have students think more critically about hen anatomy, behaviours and living condtions in the egg industry.

The educational Virtual Farm Tour gives students the opportunity to get up close and personal with egg-laying hens. Dr. Ian Duncan, a world renowned animal welfare scientist, explains and interprets their behaviours, discusses their physiology as well as the different farming systems used for keeping egg-laying hens. A hard copy of the unit and/or DVD is available for purchase. Preview the DVD on YouTube.

If you would like more information about this unit, email Paula Neuman.

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