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Dogged determination on the Downtown Eastside

 June 14, 2010

Pet guardians in Vancouver’s poorest neighbourhood are getting award-winning help from BC SPCA animal welfare supervisor Kim Monteith.

Monteith, who won the society's prestigious Stu Rammage Award this year, has been helping companion animals and their guardians on the Downtown Eastside for a decade.

One of her projects is Charlie's Food Bank, the BC SPCA-run food bank for pets that takes place every Thursday morning at Mission Possible on Powell Street. Named after a starving dog, Charlie's Food Bank was launched in 2000 and since then has provided much-needed assistance to 50,000 no- and low-income pet guardians.

Through Charlie's Food Bank, Monteith — known as "SPCA Kim" on the street — connects pet guardians to food, veterinary services and other forms of social assistance. She also oversees the society's monthly veterinary clinics at Mission Possible.

In addition to ensuring the welfare of their companion animals, Monteith has helped homeless people get into housing, and addicted people get into rehabilitation programs. She's helped people move, she's cleaned their suites, she's found them jobs, she's given them a shoulder to cry on and she's assisted with every feasible aspect of pet care.

You can read more about Monteith's work in The Province newspaper.

Photo caption: Kim Monteith and Downtown Eastside clients, John Scanlon and 2Joe

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