Our mission: To protect and enhance the quality of life for domestic, farm and wild animals in B.C.

 May 4, 2015

Spring has sprung in British Columbia, and that means there are plenty of baby animals of all shapes and sizes being welcomed into the world by their anxious parents throughout the province.

It’s also a chance to catch up on your acts of kindness in the BC SPCA’s Million Acts of Kindness movement, which focuses on our feathered friends in a few weekly featured acts of kindness.

March to July is nesting season for birds, which is also a dangerous time for baby birds, as dogs, cats and other wild predators can damage or destroy eggs and young birds. Nestlings can sometimes fall out of their nest, and fledglings often spend time on the ground when they’re learning to fly, but many people might not know what to do if they find a baby bird.

That’s why a featured act of kindness in April encouraged Million Acts of Kindness participants to share the BC SPCA’s ‘What to do with baby birds’ messaging, which outline the steps to take, should someone find a young bird on the ground.

“Keeping a close eye on your dog or cat will help save the lives of birds, especially since many species nest on the ground,” says BC SPCA animal welfare educator Meghann Cant. “Occasionally you may need to intervene if you find a baby bird, depending on whether the bird is a nestling or a fledgling.”

Another upcoming Million Acts of Kindness act encourages movement participants to help wild birds by purchasing window decals that alert birds to the fact that there is a window where they plan to fly, as millions of birds around the world die from crashing into windows each year.

“Just one small act of kindness can go a long way in helping our wild, flying friends,” Cant says.

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