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 December 23, 2014

Update Dec. 22, 2014:

An affable chocolate lab is healing well and lapping up the love in a new ‘fur’ever home after being severely injured in a car accident last month. Two-year-old Porter has come a long way since being surrendered to the BC SPCA with numerous injuries, including a front leg fracture, a fractured femoral head in his back right hip, and internal injuries.

“Porter is doing amazingly well! He has completely healed the fracture in his front leg, and is working to heal his back hip with mobility rehab,” says Victoria BC SPCA Branch manager Annie Prittie Bell, noting the lovable lab has found a new forever home. “His is so happy and relaxed with his human, and now he can explore bushes without his cone on, which he absolutely loves.”

Prittie Bell says Porter’s care and recovery was made possible with the compassion of animal lovers who donated toward his surgeries and other medical costs, which came to nearly $6,000.

“We can’t thank everyone enough for their kindness and generosity,” she says. “We are so grateful.”


Original story posted on Nov. 21, 2014:

Victoria SPCA staff hope public can help give Porter a new lease on life

Staff at the Victoria SPCA are hoping the public can help give a lovable chocolate lab a fresh start in life after a car accident left him badly injured. Porter, a gentle and affectionate two-year-old, was surrendered to the BC SPCA after being hit by a vehicle, and was rushed from Port Alberni to Victoria immediately, due to the severity of his injuries and the urgent need for surgery.

“He was seriously injured, with a fractured front leg growth plate, a fractured femoral head in his back right hip, and had what was believed to be extreme internal organ damage, as his liver enzyme levels were extremely high,” says Victoria BC SPCA Branch manager Annie Prittie Bell. “He is such a sweet, loving dog! He loves to snuggle and will make a great hiking companion when he’s fully recovered, as he already tries to bushwhack, even with his large cone on!”

Porter is currently in a foster home without stairs, and has an estimated two-month recovery time with extremely limited mobility. He will continue to undergo physiotherapy and massage therapy to help him heal, but once he’s fully healed, Prittie Bell knows he’ll be a fantastic furry family member for the right loving home.

“Porter is so affectionate and so gentle. We just want him to have a chance at a normal, active life, hopefully in a happy forever home.”

The medical costs associated with Porter’s care are estimated at $5,700. If you can help Porter and other animals like him in need at the Victoria SPCA, please donate online or in person at 3150 Napier Lane, Victoria.

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