Our mission: To protect and enhance the quality of life for domestic, farm and wild animals in B.C.

 May 7, 2014

A convivial kitty needs the public’s help to give him a better chance at a brighter future. Found as a stray, Terry, a tabby cat at the Vernon SPCA, requires surgery to repair a femur.

“We don’t know how he was injured. We assumed it was trauma, like a car accident, but we can’t be sure,” says BC SPCA Vernon & District Branch manager Chelsea Taylor. “He’s such a sweetie, and very vocal – he likes to talk to everybody. When you try to leave, he grabs onto your foot. He’s very affectionate.”

Estimated to be between one and two years old, Terry the tabby’s total medical care cost will likely come close to $1,000 when all is said and done, Taylor notes. He’ll eventually be available for adoption after the surgery and recovery.

“We just want him to be able to be active and pain-free – he’s got nine lives to live and such a great personality,” Taylor says.

A non-profit organization, the BC SPCA relies mainly on public donations to help the province’s most vulnerable animals. If you can help Terry and other animals like him in need of care at the Vernon SPCA, you can donate online or in person at 4800 Haney Rd., Vernon.

The British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is a not-for-profit organization reliant on public donations. Our mission is to protect and enhance the quality of life for domestic, farm and wild animals in B.C.

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