Our mission: To protect and enhance the quality of life for domestic, farm and wild animals in B.C.

 November 4, 2014

A hummingbird captured in mid-hover, reflected in a tree ornament in the front yard of a Delta home. A solitary cougar surveying the rugged but beautiful B.C. terrain it calls home. Seagulls huddled in the snow, crows in an urban nest, a curious mink, an alert Momma loon with her baby: these are just some of the stunning images caught on camera by amateur photographers throughout the province in the 2014 Wildlife-In-Focus Wildlife Photography Contest.

Winners of the sixth annual contest have been announced, along with several striking honourable mentions that showcase the beauty in British Columbia’s urban and wild environments.

“With more than 650 photos submitted, there were so many amazing photos of B.C.’s wild animals that it was a challenge for contest judges to choose the winning images,” says BC SPCA chief scientific officer Dr. Sara Dubois. “We want to thank everyone who sent in their photos! Participants helped raise $3,500 for wild animals in need at the
BC SPCA’s Wild ARC (Animal Rehabilitation Centre) on Vancouver Island.”

The winners are:

 Backyard Habitats  Wild Settings
 1st – Alandra Palisser, Delta  1st Monte Comeau, Salmo
 2nd – Victor Jacinto, Richmond  2nd – Martin Smart, Nanaimo
 3rd – Geoffrey Shuen, West Vancouver  3rd – Gary Schroyen, Victoria

First prize winners in both categories will be featured in the BC SPCA’s spring 2015 Animal Sense magazine, and the top three in each category will receive prizes that may include gifts from Broadway Camera, a Wild ARC prize pack, or subscriptions to either Canadian Geographic Magazine or Canadian Art magazine.

Along with the winning entries, there are several honourable mentions chosen by the judges. From extreme close-ups of a jumping spider and a honey bee to orcas, herons and pikas, the photos showcase the breadth and depth of the impressive variety of wildlife that call British Columbia home.

Visit our online gallery to view the spectacular images captured by amateur shutter bugs across the province.

Photo credits: Hummingbird, Alandra Palisser; Cougar, Gary Schroyen; Jumping spider, Norman Ng;

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