Our mission: To protect and enhance the quality of life for domestic, farm and wild animals in B.C.

 September 1, 2015

A furry fuzzball full of love is being brave at the Williams Lake SPCA, as he faces the loss of one of his legs. Rivet, a four-month-old shepherd/chow mix, was left with a shattered hind leg after being hit by a car.

The lovable pup was taken to Williams Lake Veterinary Clinic and is in BC SPCA care as he awaits amputation surgery, scheduled for Thursday.

“Rivet’s leg is very badly shattered – amputation is the only option for him,” says Williams Lake & District BC SPCA Branch manager Liz Dighton. “We’re confident he can still live a long, active and healthy life on three legs and we want him to have that chance.”

The “brown-eyed little tan teddy bear” has a wonderful personality, Dighton says, and became an immediate favourite with everyone.

“He’s so friendly and loving! He cocks his head from side to side and listens when you talk, and wriggles his whole body with love and affection,” she says.

“When I first saw him, he was in so much pain and stressed… I sat in his kennel with him and he hobbled up and sat as close as he could get. Then he leaned on me and just sighed. He just wants to be near you and get as much comfort from you as he can.”

Rivet’s medical care costs are expected to be upward of $1,500 in total. A non-profit organization, the BC SPCA relies primarily on donations from the public to carry out its life-saving work helping the province’s most vulnerable animals.

When his surgery is successfully completed and Rivet is well on the road to recovery, he will be available for adoption.

“We hope we can find him a forever home with guardians who understand that taking on the responsibilities of a pet is a lifelong commitment,” Dighton says. “Pets are precious members of your family. That’s part of being a loving pet guardian, and that’s what Rivet deserves.”

To help Rivet and animals like him at the Williams Lake SPCA, visit to donate online, or in person at 709 Bond Lake Rd. (off Highway 20), Williams Lake.

The British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is a not-for-profit organization reliant on public donations. Our mission is to protect and enhance the quality of life for domestic, farm and wild animals in B.C.

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