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 February 4, 2010

A skinny and neglected pit bull terrier named Pepper has proven herself to be a doting and dedicated young mother.

Pepper arrived at the Nanaimo SPCA Branch in January covered in scabs with her ribs protruding and suffering from a pelvic injury she had most likely sustained after being hit by a car. She was rushed to a veterinarian, who revealed that Pepper was also pregnant with a litter of puppies, and, due to her broken pelvis, would quite possibly need a caesarian section to deliver them.

"We appealed to the public for support to help cover the cost of Pepper's care, and to help care for the other 1,400 animals our branch sees every year," said branch manager Leon Davis. "We were thrilled, touched and overwhelmed to collect more than $5,000 for the animals' care."

Pepper's C-section was estimated to cost $600 to $800; with a pelvic repair, the total operation was expected to be in the neighbourhood of $2,500.

Pepper went into labour two days after the public appeal. She ended up not needing the C-section, and gave birth naturally to five adorable puppies named Petey, Pedro, Penny, Pandora and Pippy.

When supporters were told Pepper didn't need a C-section after all, they continued to pledge their support to the branch, said Davis.

"We fell in love with Pepper here at the shelter because she is just such a gentle, sweet girl. But the entire community fell in love with her, too, and showed it in a very selfless and meaningful way."

Pepper and her puppies will be adopted into new homes once the puppies are weaned.    

Each year the BC SPCA helps thousands of animals like Pepper. Help the BC SPCA care for animals like Pepper and her puppies by donating to the October Grey Fund for Animal Care today.

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