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SPCA Certified and Farmers’ Markets: A perfect match!

 July 16, 2012

With summer upon us, Farmers' Markets throughout the province are in full swing. Bustling markets, filled with delectable foods, are the perfect place to seek out SPCA Certified poultry, meats, cheeses and cage-free eggs.

“Buying direct at Farmers' Markets is a great way to get SPCA Certified products,” says Brandy Street, SPCA Certified program supervisor. “It’s also the perfect time to meet the farmers, ask questions about their farm and find out more about what they do.”

SPCA Certified producers at Farmers' Markets this year are:

•    Little Qualicum Cheeseworks (cheese)
•    Rockweld Farm (eggs and chicken)
•    Rehoboth Farm  (eggs)
•    Rabbit River Farms (eggs)

In Alberta, First Nature Farms and Sunworks Farm also feature products at markets.
The BC SPCA's events calendar includes all the information you need to find a farmers’ market near you.

Where to Buy:

SPCA Certified products are available across B.C. and Alberta from the farm gate, more than 100 retail locations and Farmers' Markets happening across both provinces.

About SPCA Certified:

SPCA Certified is a farm certification and food labelling program that brings stakeholders together to further common goals in farm animal welfare.

Approximately 2 million farm animals have been raised since the launch of the program in 2002!

Products come from farms annually assessed to BC SPCA farm animal welfare standards and policies by trained, independent inspectors. Certification is determined by third-party, independent reviewers. The farm animal welfare standards incorporate current research in animal welfare science with practical protocols, as developed by an expert panel of animal welfare scientists, veterinarians, and farmers in consultation with the BC SPCA.

SPCA Certified and certified organic farms are the only farming operations independently inspected for animal welfare practices by made-in-Canada programs.

Third-party certified farmers build their market share by branding their products for consumers with the red barn logo and communicating their innovative practices to the public.

To learn more about the SPCA Certified program, watch our video series, which introduces you to some of our farmers and describes how the program works.

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