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The killer under your hood

 September 27, 2010

There could be a silent killer coursing through the cooling system of your car engine.

Unless you’ve asked for pet-friendly antifreeze at the garage or purchased it yourself, chances are that your vehicle uses toxic ethylene glycol antifreeze, which claims the lives of thousands of animals – pets and wildlife – each year. Animals are attracted to the sweet taste of antifreeze, and will readily consume it if given the opportunity. A single teaspoon will kill a cat and a tablespoonful will kill a 10-pound dog.

But there is an alternative. Non-toxic, pet-friendly propylene glycol antifreeze is available at retail locations and some garages. Though it may cost a few dollars more, it could save animals’ lives.

Read about pet-friendly antifreeze in The Province newspaper, and one guardian’s heartbreaking story of how his family’s dog was killed after ingesting toxic ethylene glycol antifreeze in a Vancouver park. Follow these steps immediately, if you think your pet has consumed toxic antifreeze.

The provincial government has passed legislation requiring a bittering agent to be added to all antifreeze sold at the retail level beginning Jan. 1, 2011. However, the new rules will not affect the toxicity of the product.

Pet- and wildlife-friendly antifreeze is available at Lordco and NAPA stores throughout the province. Uni-Select Automotive also offers these products in 700 nation-wide locations and supplies these items to more than 2,000 automotive centres.

Customers can request propylene glycol antifreeze from their automotive service centre or purchase it separately and ask that their auto centre install the product.
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