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Rescued Shih Tzu making recovery

 September 19, 2012

September 19, 2012: Update

Thank you to all of our supporters who have contacted us asking about Tiny (now nicknamed Monkey), the critically ill Shih Tzu found wandering in a Victoria neighbourhood in August 2012.

Tiny is making gradual, but steady progress in her recovery. Following weeks of medical treatments, Tiny’s wounds have healed and she no longer suffers from organ failure. She is currently living with her devoted foster mom – a BC SPCA employee from the Victoria shelter – and is enjoying a life full of pampering and attention. While Tiny used to cringe when touched, she is now very happy to be handled and gets massages every day from her foster mom. Her foster mom also spends a lot of time in the kitchen, preparing dishes that will peak Tiny’s appetite, as she still doesn’t eat much. Though Tiny still has a few challenges ahead, she is deeply loved and has everything a dog could ever dream of.

Thank you for your compassion and concern for Tiny and for making a life-saving difference for abused and neglected animals through your generous support.

The SPCA will be recommending charges of animal cruelty against Tiny’s former owner.

Photo captions: Tiny, a badly neglected Shih Tzu, is recovering well in foster care. Photo credit to Wendy Nesbitt

August 14, 2012: Update
Rescued Shih Tzu shows fighting spirit

Tiny is showing amazing spirit despite her very grim prognosis and has even begun to eat on her own (she is especially fond of steak!). Tiny still requires around-the-clock care and ongoing veterinary treatment – she is definitely not out of the woods, but her caregivers at the Victoria SPCA are becoming more hopeful for her recovery.

Tiny’s guardians have been identified and the SPCA is currently preparing animal cruelty recommendations to forward to Crown counsel.

Photo captions: Tiny, a badly neglected Shih Tzu, recuperating at the Victoria SPCA. Photo credit to Wendy Nesbitt  

Original story
August 8, 2012: Shih Tzu fights for her life in Victoria after being rescued by the BC SPCA

A badly neglected little dog is fighting for her life at a Victoria veterinary clinic after being rescued by the BC SPCA.

“Tiny”, a ten-year-old black and white Shih Tzu, was turned in to the Victoria SPCA shelter on Aug. 2 by a Good Samaritan who found her wandering on Prior Street. The dog was suffering from such badly matted fur that her paws and the base of her tail were covered in massive, open wounds infested with maggots. Tiny was also so badly dehydrated that her kidneys and other organs were shutting down.

“It is heartbreaking because this poor sweet dog is fighting for her life from conditions that were completely preventable,” says BC SPCA constable Erika Paul. “She has been getting around-the-clock care and has managed to hold her own for the past few days, but she is definitely not out of the woods.”

In addition to the maggot-filled wounds and organ failure, Tiny is suffering from horrific dental disease due to neglect. “She is on intravenous fluids to treat her dehydration and staff at the hospital are hand feeding her because she won’t eat on her own. We’re not sure if this is because she is just too sick or because of the extreme pain from her teeth,” says Paul.

She adds that the BC SPCA is very grateful to the individual who brought Tiny in to the Victoria SPCA. “Tiny was in serious distress and it was critical that she be treated immediately to try to save her life.”

Paul says Tiny’s owners have been identified and charges of animal cruelty are pending in the case. If charged and convicted, her owners face up to five years in jail, up to a $75,000 fine and a ban on owning animals.

Photo caption: (top) Tiny receives medical attention at a Victoria veterinary clinic

Photo caption: (bottom) Tiny, a badly neglected ten-year-old Shih Tzu

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